7 Cidades - Azores - 11th May 2024
In one of  the 7 Portugal Natural Wonders


Around the volcano

7CUT40 is a circular race that covers the most beautiful lagoons, the highest peaks, the most dizzying descents, the edge of the volcano, the islets of Mosteiros and the 7 Cidades tunnel.

The scenic trail

7CUT20 is a race that captures the essence of the volcano, dazzling with the high views of the lagoons, peaks, trails, the islets of Mosteiros and the 7 Cidades tunnel.

Landscape & lagoons

7CUT10 is an in-line race, with a high start and wide views of the 7 Cidades volcanic cone, around a lagoon and along narrow and technical trails. This event can be completed competitively (running) or leisurely (walking) and for young people (16 and 17 years old).

Running inside a volcano

7 Cidades lagoon - São Miguel island - Azores

7 Cidades church (São Nicolau) - Finish Area (7CUT40 starts, secretariat, transferes)

Phone contacts

(+351) 966 366 471 Luís (direção)
(+351) 916 469 388 Carlos (logística)